Spray Shop Australia

Algo Más was recently engaged to develop a new brand for Spray Shop Australia - the first step in creating a new online business that stands to disrupt the agricultural spraying industry.

What separates the Spray Shop Australia brand from all others is that this brand is an amalgamation of six of the most prominent spraying equipment specialists across Australia. Bringing together the thoughts, ideas and opinions of multiple stakeholders was a complex but incredible task, whereby insights and industry intricacies came to light, which heavily influenced the look and feel of the brand.

The Spray Shop Australia logo sets out to ensure that there is no confusion as to who and what the brand is, by incorporating a spray boom, water droplets and a leaf.

Once established, we began rolling out the brand across multiple pieces of collateral including catalogues, eDMs, a strong social media presence on Facebook and Twitter and an extensive website.

This website was a truly unique project for both Algo Más and the client, as we created a full online shop that allows users to purchase spraying equipment from anywhere in Australia. It’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it involves six individual online shops that sit within one website, all while ensuring none of the complexity is passed on throughout the user experience.

The Spray Shop Australia brand and website is only just beginning to make its way to the public realm, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what is to come!


Sprayshop summer essentials magazine created by Algo Mas
internal pages of Sprayshop summer essentials magazine created by Algo Mas