Norwood Green

A diverse collection of townhouses and apartments, Norwood Green captures the eclectic heart of Adelaide’s most sought-after suburb.

As part of the extensive Norwood Green project, Algo Más recently designed signage and vehicle livery, for the impressive Norwood Green display centre. A large corrugated iron shed provided the location for the display centre and presented an opportunity to combine the original industrial exterior with a modern interior. With this expansive canvas to work with, we designed large-scale façade signage, window graphics and blade sign.

The main logo is a green section (painted directly onto the corrugated iron surface) with large cut letters forming the logo itself. At the western end of the façade, large ‘display centre’ type and a detailed heart-shaped sign complete the façade signage. Large vinyl-cut lettering is applied to the windows.

The blade sign sits adjacent to the footpath, and is a 3m high, internally-lit metal and acrylic structure, having striking visibility day or night.

A Volkswagen Golf was chosen as the Norwood Green vehicle, and full-body graphics were applied, with sections treated in contrasting white and green. This serves as effective mobile advertising for the Norwood Green brand.

Internally, the display centre features a ‘living logo’ – a large ‘ng’ cutout with plants set inside with an integrated watering system, to create an inviting spectacle upon entering the display centre.

The Norwood Green display centre provides a stunning showcase of this highly-anticipated project.

Norwood Green plant logo wall by Algo Más
Norwood Green display centre wall by Algo Más
Norwood Green project team wall by Algo Más