City of Prospect

The City of Prospect is a growing, vibrant location. To encourage this growth, they have invested in leveraging their digital advantage. We recently worked with Prospect to develop their website using the LGA's Unity CMS.

The project included the planning process, which involved site map development workshops and presentations to the elected members. And the delivery process, which involved website copywriting, development, training and a CMS user manual to assist the Council in performing updates going forward.

The new website provides users with a welcoming, responsive experience, not matter which device they are using. It also includes helpful live chat functionality, an interactive Google Map tool, and a more intuitive and accessible menu structure.

City of Prospect now has a user focused website that will assist not only their electorate, but also streamline enquiries within the Council.

city of prospect icons for new website development project
City of Prospect website library page created by Algo Mas displayed in laptop